Spokane, WA – Despite his total dependence on his mother’s breasts for sustenance, 13-month-old Daniel Lawton is actually more of an ass-man according to friends and neighbors close to the precocious infant. “Most of us just take what we’re given and do what’s expected of us,” explained 11-month-old playmate Anthony Tamashunas. “But Danny is different. He’s his own man. Even though he’s got tits in his face all day, he’s all about the booty.” Daniel himself was unavailable for comment because it was lunch time. But several neighbors confirmed the little tike’s insatiable love for a shapely rump. “Every time I go out in my short shorts he just sits there is his stroller, staring and drooling,” said next door neighbor Stacia Cooper. “If he wasn’t so damn cute, it would be really creepy.”