Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Ask Us, We're Drunk

Whiskeyleaks co-founders, Carla and Adam, have a combined 17 Phds in subjects including: Social Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Gender Studies, Moral Philosophy, Greek Mythology, Christian Theology, Buddhist Warfare, Sharia Law Fear-Mongering, Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, Third Wave Astrology, Animal Husbandry, Human Husbandry, Deaf-Poetry Jam Theory, *** We have banged a TON of people of every race and background; tried most drugs; written three novels, two plays and one instruction manual. We both come from broken homes. Carla is actually psychic. Adam is a practicing attorney; Carla is a professional house cleaner and caregiver. Adam makes a great Mediteranian salad. Carla is a composer and performer of music; Adam is a screenwriter and director. Carla knows exactly what it’s like to be a woman and Adam knows what it’s like to objectify women. Both of us have been children at some point. *** We have lived for over 800 years (each, not total) and are drunk. So you can be sure we have the wisdom of experience and the keen insight of drunkernnessss. *** We're here to give you life-advice, dream interperetation, or complicated medical instruction. Just Ask. email or try facebook.

My Hair And Teeth Are Falling Out; Should I Be Worried?

Dear Whiskeyleaks, I’ve always had thick, lustrous hair and good teeth. But recently my hair and teeth have started falling out at an alarming rate. I know I shouldn’t jump to conclusions or do anything rash, but after doing some internet research on my symptoms, I’m getting really concerned. My question: Is there actually something wrong with me? Or is...