Huntington Beach, CA – 29 year old Tracy Robinson shocked friends and neighbors Thursday after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend Jake Reid 12 times for calling her crazy; evidently failing to recognize any irony. “She’s always seemed perfectly normal to me,” next door neighbor Sidney Jenkins told reporters. “But each stab wound inflicted does seem to reinforce Jake’s central argument that she’s bat-shit crazy. It’s odd that she wouldn’t pick up on that.”

Reid, whose condition has been upgraded to stable, reported Friday that he won’t press charges. “Honestly the thing that bothers me the most is that she still won’t acknowledge how ironic it is that my mere suggestion that she ‘chill out’ about some chick’s text on my phone, is what drove her to overreact even more. What’s crazier than stabbing someone?”

According to Police Chief Robert Handy, Miss Robinson gave no indication to investigators that she picked up on even the smallest hint of irony regarding the stabbing. “Even after she calmed down back at the station, she just didn’t seem able to admit that her boyfriend was clearly right from the beginning,” the chief explained. “It really reminds me of that time my wife got all bent out of shape ‘cause I said she was being insecure and then she went and set my ex-wife’s car on fire.”