Washington D.C. – During an Oval Office meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister Wednesday morning, President Trump enthusiastically showed off his new red, white, and blue Fidget Spinner which was reportedly given to him by his Chief of Staff earlier that morning. “Have you seen this, Justin?” The President inquired. “These things are terrific. You just flick it like this and it spins and spins. It spins for a very a long time. In fact, this is the biggest, fastest one in the world. Would you like one, Justin? I can have my people get one for you. All you have to give them in return is your phone. It’s such a steal. Here, try it.”

Prime Minister Trudeau smiled and nodded at the President while simultaneously discussing the details of a proposed renegotiation of NAFTA with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. “No, Justin, you gotta try it,” the President reiterated. After the President’s third prompt, Prime Minister Trudeau did finally flick the Fidget Spinner and responded with an enthusiastic smile that seemed to please the President. However, as of press time, Trudeau had not yet relinquished his phone to Trump’s staff in the hopes of acquiring one.