Los Angeles, CA – Adam Miller shocked friends and family Tuesday when the 32-year-old freelance public relations rep heroically swiped right on the Tinder profile of a woman whom witnesses report had “only neck-up photos for him to go off of.” “I’ve never seen anything like it,” best friend, Leon McNally described. “She had a pretty face. But I would think if a girl had the body to match; she’d have nothing to hide, ya know? I’ve been catfished before by a girl who didn’t look as good as her photos and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” he shuddered.

Miller, still high on adrenaline from the selfless swipe, excitedly re-told the harrowing play-by-play of his snap-judgement: “I’m no saint, but sometimes you just have to trust your instincts. And something about this chick’s profile said to me: ‘She’s not a fatty. She’s just modest and trying to avoid creeps.'”

When asked to further dissect his unconventional reasoning, Miller explained his methodology: “Most men look at the pics and stop there. If you want to find the diamonds-in-the-rough, you have to go deeper and READ. She said she loves yoga. She said she’s done ballet for years. So think about it. How out of shape could she be?” Miller looked into the distance, the magnitude of his noble high-stakes gamble just beginning to sink in. “No risk, no reward,” he stated stoically. “And in any case, some of the best blowjobs I ever had were from fat-chicks.”

UPDATE: While the young lady in question had not responded to our inquiries as of original post-time, she did contact us the following day to inform us that she has since unmatched Mr. Miller due to the fact that he showed up to their first date four inches shorter than his listed height.