Stanford, CA – A study published Friday by the Stanford School of Medicine revealed that people who drink Long Island Iced Teas are in fact more likely to have horrible taste in everything. “It’s a groundbreaking discovery in terms of the intersectionality of poor taste,” proclaimed Dr. James Kiley, director of the study. “I mean It’s common sense that someone who would order such a disgusting drink would also have bad taste in food, but we found so many correlations we never expected.” The study found that Long Island drinkers are 3x more likely to agree with the statement “Nickelback is a great band” and 4x more likely to agree that “Future is a better rapper than Kendrick.” They were only twice as likely to name The Notebook or Boondock Saints as their favorite movie, but a staggering 5x more likely to name The Davinci Code or 50 Shades of Grey as their favorite book.