Beverly Hills, CA – Less than 48 hours after the death of 91-year-old iconic Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, many of those close to him reported great satisfaction at seeing the polyamorous porn-mogul stiffer than he had been in many years.

Crystal Harris, Hefner’s 31-year-old widow, told reporters this was the firmest she had ever seen her husband in the five years they’d been together: “Some of his former wives and girlfriends told me he could get that hard; But honestly, I’d never seen it before. It really doesn’t matter anyway. I married him for what’s on the inside… of the vault behind the bed with the will in it.. does anyone know the combination?”

“The last time I saw him that stiff was 1998,” remarked legendary Playmate Pamela Anderson. “He would have been so proud of himself. Too bad he’s not able to see it.”

Estranged ex-girlfriend Holly Madison Could not be reached for comment, however her “Girls Next Door” Co-stars Bridget and Kendra concurred with the popular sentiment that it had indeed been some time since Hefner had filled a small dark enclosed space for any duration.