East Bay, CA – Insta-wife and mother of two, Maddison Klein, pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to her 2,000+ Instagram followers by using misleading hashtags such as #soblessed, #livingmybestlife, and #besthubbyever under dozens of posts; when in fact, she was neither so blessed nor living her best life.

Outside the courthouse Klein broke down in tears as she addressed her followers: “I’m deeply sorry. I have let you all down and I have let myself down. It is with utter shame that I stand here and tell you I do not have the best Hubby ever. I made those smoked salmon crostinis myself and I framed the picture to look like he brought them to me in bed,” Klein sobbed. “And when @uniquorn420 asked me if I had eyelash extensions, I lied and said they were natural. I did not earn your likes!”

Klein also pleaded guilty to a second count of fraudulently using the hashtag “#nofilter.” She now admits she took most of her selfies in the high-end penthouse where she was working as a housekeeper; all the while, strongly implying in her captions that she was on ritzy staycations with her husband. Klein was released on her own recognizance and is due back in court October 15 for sentencing.