If this story doesn’t warm your heart, you are clearly a robot or a German – The heartbroken parents of 15-year-old Andrea Stith were desperate for answers after their beloved daughter was found asphyxiated in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car last week. Under the circumstances, they were naturally somewhat suspicious that foul play had occurred. That was until they came across something eerily beautiful: A Pinterest page Andrea had created featuring fun creative ideas on how to take her own life as well as elaborate plans for her memorial festivities.

The Page featured an exquisitely detailed funeral program including mermaid-inspired appetizers for the reception and Game of Thrones quotations to be featured in the eulogy. Friends and family reported that Andrea’s posted burial ensemble and venue suggestions were equally clutch. She even posted screenshots from her favorite crime shows, of all the most trendy and dramatic forms of suffocation she was considering.

In keeping with their daughter’s unspoken yet thoroughly crowd-tested wishes, the Stiths are sparing no expense for Andrea’s memorial service: “She’s really taken care of everything,” the grieving father explained. “We just have to send invitations, pay the vendors, and deal with the fact we will never see our daughter again. But nothing’s too good for our Pumpkin.”

Andrea’s boyfriend of four months, Samuel Muniz, confessed how unpleasant it was being under suspicion for his girlfriend’s death: “Beyond simply losing the love of my life, having everyone I know question my character, and facing a life behind bars; It was downright discouraging to think that someone could have intentionally killed such a wonderful girl. It was a huge relief to find out she did this herself because she wanted nothing to do with me or this world.”

“So much thought and love went into every detail of this suicide,” Mrs. Stith lamented through tears. “We wouldn’t expect any less from our baby girl. And we are so thankful to have real closure.”