OP-ED: Maybe If That Black Woman Would Buy An Expensive Item From My Store, Mall Security Wouldn’t Follow her Around


I’m not a racist, but I don’t understand why black people keep complaining about being followed around my candle shop by security, when all they would have to do is buy something expensive immediately upon arrival so I’d know they aren’t a thief.

Just the other day, this young African American woman walked into my store, loitered for over 90 seconds, and didn’t buy anything or even ask me any questions. Naturally, I called mall security over so they could monitor her and check her purse to make sure she even had the money to pay for the $400 African wall sconce, which I was certain she intended to take, one way or the other.

This woman then had the nerve to shake her head and say something sassy like “I guess shopping while black is a crime…” Unbelievable. No need to call Al Sharpton, honey. This has absolutely nothing to do with race. Two of the fellas from security were themselves kinda thuggish black guys, and I didn’t see them steal a thing when I was watching them on the store camera.

The people keeping racism alive in this country are the ones that keep bringing it up. People of all races are welcome in my store, blacks included, I just think they would save themselves a lot of trouble by simply buying one of the many funky tribal table candles we sell as soon as they enter the store. The only reason I’ve never had to call security on any of my white customers is because they happen to be easier to see in my dimly lit store, and I just haven’t seen any that look like they would steal. It’s simple: If you have nothing to hide, and you are planning on buying something expensive, then you shouldn’t have a problem being followed around.