GLENDORA, CA – 26-year-old hairdresser Candace Patterson sparked controversy Tuesday when she viciously reset the Netflix password she shared with long-time boyfriend Jake Quiller after learning he had cheated on her with her younger sister. “I’m not condoning what Jake did,” said long time friend of the couple, Ashleigh Winfrey. “But I also don’t think she needed to react this harshly. I mean he was in the middle of the 5th season of House of Cards for fuck’s sake. If he doesn’t finish now, he’ll have to go back and watch the whole thing from the beginning later.” A regretful Quiller said he bears no ill will against his ex and had done his best to learn from his mistakes. “You go through life and you don’t think about the real impact of your actions,” he told reporters. “But when you have to get up and find your debit card and spend 8 full minutes creating your own Netflix account, it really puts things in perspective.”