If there were a way to expose your brand to a guaranteed fifty unique sets of eyes per week: Each for 15-20 minutes of undivided focus, specifically targeted to your desired demographic, what would that be worth to you?

Local Slut Mckenzie Banks realized she had “struck oil” when a stoner dude whose name might have been Kyle finished on her back and mumbled “heh… whoa don’t move, it kinda looks like a grilled cheese.” Kyle promptly proceeded to order a grilled cheese sandwich from Postmates and young Mckenzie was struck with an idea:

“The idea just came on me… Companies would probably be willing to pay a lot to have their ads placed on my lower back, and other backs with similarly high-volume traffic. So I rounded up some of my most sex-positive friends and we put together an intimate little presentation for a top ad agency. And they lapped it up.”

The Pitch was simple: Paste your Ad on the lower back of an Empowered THOT™ who is being regularly plowed by your desired demographic, and watch your numbers swell.

Nobody would have referred to these clever tramps as “un-tapped” but the market for their Hoe-mercials certainly was. Talk about self-worth!