Beverly Hills, CA – During a rare interview with Variety, legendary director Woody Allen commented for the first time on the Harvey Weinstein sex-abuse scandal which has rocked Hollywood to its core. “It’s very tragic for the poor women involved,” Allen explained. “But you also don’t want to create an atmosphere where every girl cries rape just ’cause she slept with her stepdad and later regretted it. That’s not right either.”

Allen, who gave the interview to promote his new film “Wonder Wheel” but is currently shooting another film a sexual relationship between a 44-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl, emphasized that he feels sorry for Weinstein as well as his victims. “He’s a very sad, sick man,” Allen lamented. “But just because this one bad apple, for whom there were thousands of warning signs, turned out to be exactly what he appeared to be; doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still give the benefit of the doubt to men who marry their girlfriend’s daughter, are accused of rape by their underage adopted daughter, and whose works demonstrates a pathological obsession with underaged girls. This isn’t Salem. We don’t do witch-hunts in America.”