The Internet, Earth – Twitter was abuzz Tuesday with frustrated Netflix subscribers unable to access the controversial new documentary “The End of The Internet” about the impending death of Net Neutrality under new rules proposed by the Trump administration’s Federal Communications Commission. “This fucking blows,” complained Twitter user @anarchris. “I keep telling my roommate we need to upgrade to the highest speed connection so this stops happening, but the cheap fuck doesn’t want to. How am I supposed to do my part to end the corporate plutocracy when I’m cut off from the truth-tellers of the world by slow-ass broadband? Like fucking grow up, dude.”

Regardless of connection speed, thousands of subscribers around the country reported encountering the same “Title not available for playback at this time.” message upon attempting to start the film. “Get your shit together, Netflix,” demanded @berniegurl95. “If you can’t give me the exact film I want at the exact moment I want to watch it, I swear to God I’ll vote for Trump again. When the system is broken you have no choice but to burn it down.”

Netflix did not respond to requests for comment. However, they did issue an email to all subscribers offering an upgrade to the new NetflixPLUS for an additional $5.00 per month. The email promises that PLUS subscribers will experience fewer playback issues and more viewing recommendations based on the last thing you looked at on Amazon.