Self-proclaimed feminist Lena Dunham has found herself in the midst of a yet another messy controversy following comments she made on twitter Monday defending her friend and co-worker Murray Miller after he was accused of rape by an actress, who was 17 at the time. The collective outrage toward Dunham did, however, seem to subside after the “Girls” creator clarified that, actually, some of her best friends are women.

“When I tweeted in August that women lie about things like what they had for lunch but never about rape; I didn’t account for the 3% of accusers who name men I happen to care about,” Dunham explained. “Those bitches are clearly lying.” She then clarified: “And before everybody jumps down my throat for “victim-blaming” or whatever… I want to point out that most of my closest friends own a vagina just like the lying brat who’s accusing Murray. So don’t give me any of that shit. Also, have you seen the latest nude I just posted? Isn’t my security inspiring?”

Despite Dunham’s long track record of similarly tone-deaf and casually racist comments, it seems that this most recent clarification has succeeded in defusing the controversy and repairing Dunham’s badly tarnished image. “You know, I used to think of Lena as a rich white hipster incapable of seeing things outside of her own narrow privileged perspective,” confessed writer/activist Jemele Hill. “But now that she points it out, I did see her walking around with seemingly human, albeit white, female friends one time. So I guess there’s no way her statements could possibly be reinforcing societal misogyny.”